sabato 18 novembre 2023



I thought I signed up for a triathlon...👇🏻
But it was a front-row seat to a massive life lesson.
Let me explain...
When I signed up for my first triathlon,
I was so excited but nervous...
"Can I actually pull this off?" This question played in my head.
Here's where it gets interesting, though... 👀
I believed in myself more with every stroke, pedal, and step.
Where most people give in to the struggle...
The pain and tiredness became part of my journey,
I leaned into it and let it make me stronger.
When I crossed the finish line, something happened...
The race finished but for me? It was just the beginning.. 🏆
When you do hard things, the things that make you question if you've got what it takes...
But you go for it anyway...
That's where you find out who you really are. It’s those moments that shape you.
You're inching closer to the real you, the one you're destined to be.
So I'll leave you with this 👇🏻
You are capable of more than you know. Now go find out. You won't regret it.

@ironcowboyjames 👈🏻

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